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General Rules

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1 General Rules on Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:29 pm


Official Staff
This will serves as our main rule here in the forum you must always follow this important rules!

Posting Rules:
*Before Posting: search if your going to post is not yet exist.

*Topic title:when you are going to post make sure that your title is not very short like "lol,aw,hel etc."

*Reply:Do not Bump in the Inquiry section its useless wait someone reply your thread before you can reply again.

*Adding info:If you want to add more information in your thread please use the Button you don't need to reply that you going to add.

Behavior Rules
*Respect:your fellow forum members and staff.

*If no one: is replying your post please Be Patients.

*Do not Pretend that you are one of the staff if you did this automatically you are banned in this forum.

*Language: our main language is English other Language are not accepted.

*No Posting of Pornographics
*No Posting of Hacking software/Pirate software
*No Spamming

Warning System:
Since we have the rules we have also the warning system so you will know if you near to Ban here are the list.

- No Warnings
- You have 1 Warning
- You have 2 Warnings
- You are Ban for 2 Days
- You are Banned !

Exclamation Notice:
All Warnings are Permanent.

If you have some questions feel free to ask here Arrow http://ihoop.board-directory.net/f3-inquiry

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